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Take Your Education Business Online

Grow Revenue! Streamline Operations!

Our focus is to make a tangible impact on your business 

  • We understand your Business deeply

  • We assess your requirements

  • We offer customized solutions

AI Assessments

  • Create AI based assessments

  • Personalized evaluation and benchmarking

  • Multiple assessment formats

Mentorship Platform

  • Effortlessly host webinars and workshops

  • Supports multiple formats (1:1, webinar)

  • Seamless booking experience and integration with all tools

Online Digital Store

  • Develop your own website or mobile app 

  •  Customized features

  •  Build your own EdTech startup

Learning Management Software (LMS)

  • Streamline Classroom Management

  • Tailored Classroom experience with Real time engagement 

  • Project tracker and AI Progress Monitoring

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

Take the first step towards cracking online! 

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Sales Growth


Operational Efficiency


ROAS growth

Our Partners

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Invest 30 mins and grow revenue by 30 times.

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